Skills Developed:

At the end of my first year at BCU was the first major group project. We were tasked with creating an endless runner game using Unity.

Over 10 weeks, we created the game as a team of two programmers and two designers with art assets provided by a separate team of artists.

My main accomplishments for this project include:

  • The endless generation system with corners.
  • Coins and powerup functionality.
  • Character animation and camera setup.
  • Particle and VFX implementation.
  • Lighting and post-processing.
I was a key team player who brought everything together to form a finished product as we approached the end of the project. Also, I communicated effectively with the artists throughout to ensure that their assets worked with the gameplay.

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  • Unity Engine Pipeline
  • C# Programming
  • Cross-Discipline Communtication
  • Technical Design
  • Project Management